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Musical Releases of 2023 - Promotional Highlights by

Jupiter Rueda de Leon (aka Aeileon)

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Transcendental by Jupiter Rueda de Leon



Released March 3, 2023 to a  @SpaceX_GB beat, Aeileon lyrically laced this random beat off youtube solely out of love for the production, but also promotion for promo.

Praise God by Jupiter Rueda de Leon


Praise God

Released August 27, 2023 to a beat from, Aeileon went ham again, snapping out, revealing his passion for the Lord and spreading the gospel.

Echoes of Pain by Jupiter Rueda de Leon


Echoes of Pain

Released November 22, 2023 to a beat produced by @melomajestro9679 on youtube. Aeileon rapped in Spanish on this song more than any other song he has ever created. After recording the song, he used movie clips from a Mexican Movie entitled "Roma" to bring the song to life. The intro dialogue was also sampled from the same film. 

Cloaking by Jupiter Rueda de Leon



Released September 10, 2023 to a beat produced by @SpancyBeats

Utilizing a voice clip from the YouTube Channel @HeartsAblazedForYeshua. The song is about the hidden Antichrist figure looming in the background of catastrophes currently taking center stage in the world today. Again, Aeileon's hope is to motivate the elect during these trying times.

Books Authored by

Jupiter Rueda de Leon

Jupiter Rueda de Leon was born in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Columbus, Ohio. On his maternal side, his family hails from the Honduras and Guatemala regions, while his paternal side originates from Chiapas, Mexico.

In addition to being a Christian Recording Artist and Author, Jupiter entered the entertainment scene by creating Hip Hop music under the stage name "Aeileon." While consistently recording music, he gained recognition when Bizzy Bone of the Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop group "Bone Thugs-n-Harmony" featured him on the album "Trials and Tribulations," released by Koch Records and Real Talk Entertainment in 2007. His collaborations extended to artists such as King Josiah, Prince Rasu of 7th Sign Regime, Mopreme Shakur, Tha Realist, DJ King Assassin, Jae Millz, and others.

Jupiter's involvement in the film industry includes roles in movies like "Swat 2" directed by Benny Boom, "Parker" starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, directed by Taylor Hackford, "Gotti" starring John Travolta, directed by Kevin Connolly, "Donnybrook" starring Jamie Bell and Frank Grillo, directed by Tim Sutton, "Hillbilly Elegy" starring Glenn Close, directed by Ron Howard, "Surviving Compton" starring Jamie Kennedy and Michel'le, directed by Janice Cook, "Aidan 5" directed by John Jackson and Ben Bays, and "Final Witness" directed by Cruz Angeles.

Additionally, Jupiter collaborated with local multimedia companies in Columbus, Ohio, producing video content for local businesses. Notably, he contributed to a Safe Auto Commercial titled "The Line Up."

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